Foose #62 CP
Owner: Territo Family

This Black on Black Foose Stallion
Sport (not supercharged, est 335 bhp)
was purchased new from Bill Hood Ford
in Hammond, Louisiana in March of 2008
by the Territo family. Unofficially it is
speculated that only five (5) Black on
Black Stallions were produced. This
vehicle is an everyday driver simply used
for to and from travel to work and cruising
on the weekends. After about a year of
ownership, I decided to purchase the
following upgrades: Hurst Short Throw
Shifter, traded out the FRPP exhaust
with Flowmaster Mufflers, Ford Racing
X-Pipe, Ford Racing 4:10 gears, K&N Air
Filter, and an Autometer A-Pillar Gauge
Pod with EGT, Air/Fuel Mixture, and Oil
Pressure Gauges. One of the "Foose"
headrests as well as the owner's manual
cover were signed by Chip Foose during
the 2009 Detroit Autorama. I've put about
17,000 miles on her to date and have
enjoyed every second with only a few
minor vehicle issues.
Note: This site is not affiliated with Chip Foose, Foose
Design, Unique Performance, Tecstar, or any of their
affiliates in any way. This site only serves to promote
individual owned Foose vehicles and to provide an easy way
to find out more information about the same.
One day soon I'd like to purchase Shorty Headers, Hot Rod
Cams, and Pulleys. Any comments or suggestions related to
the Cams or Pulley would be much appreciated. But with the
wife and I's new baby here, these upgrades are going to have
to wait.