Foose #41 CV
Owner: Stevens

This Foose Stallion started out
as a Black GT and was
transformed into the beauty
seen here by Unique
Performance in December
2006. The result is a stunning
Black with Hot Hues Cinnamon.
This car was purchased new in
Cary, NC in Oct 2008 where
the car had numerous
upgrades before it left the
dealer. These included the
Ford Racing Performance
Parts (FRPP) Whipple
Supercharger, FRPP Hot Rod
Cams, FRPP Ceramic Coated
Shorty Headers, FRPP
Chrome Valve Covers and a
Speed Of Sound Dash Pod
loaded with the Nexus Series
Gauges (Wideband AFM,
Vac/Boost, Fuel Pressure).

Note: This site is not affiliated with Chip Foose, Foose
Design, Unique Performance, Tecstar, or any of their
affiliates in any way. This site only serves to promote
individual owned Foose vehicles and to provide an easy way
to find out more information about the same.
After delivery, mods have not stopped. Mods
include, Sequential Tail Lights, 15K HID, RedLine
Hood Lifts, MAC Stainless Radiator Cover, Steeda
TriAx Short Shifter, Chrome Canton Radiator
Coolant Tank, Chrome Canton Power Steering
Tank, and much more bling than can be listed here.