Foose #24 CP
Owner: Fiduccia Family

2006 Foose Stallion Gloss black
with silver stripe and orange
pinstripe. Ford Racing tuned
suspension. Ford Racing
Performance parts: Tuned coil
springs, Tuned stabilizer bar,
Tuned struts/shocks. Nitto
performance tires mounted on
Foose design wheels. Power
Pack, cold air/ECM recal gives
the 4.6L 3V V8 an est 335

This car was purchased in August
of 2007 at Sioux Falls Ford in
Sioux Falls South Dakota by my
Brother-in-law and sister who
reside in SD and given to my wife
and I as a gift. Now known as my
BROTHER! Greatest gift I have
ever received! I love just looking
at this car let alone getting behind
the wheel to drive this beauty.
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Picture shows my brother, 2 of my 4 children, and
myself. I was still in shock when picture was taken.

Car now resides and is meticulously taken care of in
Roscoe Illinois.