Welcome to MyFoose.

This site is intended to profile
the rare Foose designed
vehicles, primarily the Foose
Stallion Mustang.

The 2007 Foose Stallion
Mustang pictured here is Black
with Hot Hues Cinnamon. This
particular vehicle was purchased
through a local Ford dealership,
CrossRoads Ford located in
Cary, NC.

Our understanding is that there
were only 55 of these rare
beauties created in 2006 and
another 221 in 2007. That's it...
no more!

The one pictured here is #
and was
manufactured in December
For those that may be interested in knowing what this little
stallion contains, here is a partial list of mods.

Ford Racing Performance Parts (FRPP) Polished Whipple
Supercharger, FRPP Hot Rod Cams, FRPP Ceramic Coated
Shorty Headers, FRPP Tuned Suspension, MagnaFlow
CatBack, Raptor Blue LED Shift Light, Speed of Sound Dash
Pod with the Nexus Series Gauges including Vac/Boost, Wide
Band AFM, and Fuel Pressure. 425 RWHP and 388 ft. lbs. of
torque. Current tune - Brenspeed.

If you own a Foose and would like to add your vehicle to this
site, please email me at victor@myfoose.com.